atividade-insideThe main activity of FENACAM is the representation of the associated local banks, but over the years has increased and diversified its activities and the range of services that provides:

  • Promotes the development and improvement of the affiliated local banks;

  • Ensures the compliance with the principles and the specificity of the Crédito Agrícola cooperative system;

  • Makes the dissemination and promotion of the affiliated;

  • Promotes, conducts and coordinates activities of common interest of the affiliated, activating their spirit of cooperation and their technical improvement;

  • Represents nationally and internationally the local banks affiliated and defends their common interests among all public, private and cooperative with competence, purposes or activities associated with them;

  • Concludes collective agreements on behalf of its members;

  • Provides technical support to farmers and other customers of the local banks (investment projects and applications for Community and national aid, related to agriculture and agribusiness);

  • Provides audit services;

  • Provides real estate valuation services to all Crédito Agrícola Group;

  • Provides expert valuation to insurance related with property damage;

  • Provides office supplies and others; institutional forms, manuals, document production, enveloping and dispatching mail services;

  • Undertakes a range of activities of common interest of its members, to support their daily business.