FENACAM is member of some international organizations that bring together the general interests of the cooperative movement, representing strategic partners to encourage the development and training of our policies.

rep-international-eneurocoopEuropean Association of Co-operative Banks (

Headquartered in Brussels, was created in 1970 with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the European cooperative banking groups and defining a common defense of the professional interests of those entities, particularly in view of the legislative initiatives of the European Union.

cicaInternational Confederation for Agricultural Credit  (

Headquartered in Zurich, CICA represents international institutions and funding bodies to agriculture and others international organizations dealing with agricultural issues.

iruInternational Raiffeisen Union(

Based in Bonn, IRU is a Union of voluntary national cooperatives organizations, whose work is based on the ideas and principles of Frédéric-Guillaume Raiffeisen, also working in favor of improving the conditions of cooperatives worldwide and supporting the creation of new cooperatives.

ocplpOrganization of Cooperatives of the Portuguese-speaking Countries(

Headquartered in Lisbon, OCPLP is an international association (NGO) that aims fundamental diffusion of cooperatives and cooperation between portuguese-speaking cooperatives.