Purchase Unit

The purchase section is responsible for managing print, stationery supplies, equipment and its servicing, various gadgets and institutional partnerships with various suppliers.


The Audit Service provides free and rigorous audits to all the cooperative banks.

Real Estate Valuation

Activity carried out on a regular basis, certified by the CMVM with registration no. AVFII/08/001.


It is available to all the local banks and Group companies a range of the best equipment market.

Management and distribution of cheques

It is ensured contract management of all types of checks.

Documental production

It is produced and dispatched all correspondence to institutional customers and Crédito Agricola Group companies, through processes subject to strict human and technician control.

Valuations of accidents with property damage

Services and expertise for clearance investigation and assessment of damage to property arising out of accidents occurring within the policies of Housing and Commerce, called “Multirisk”.

Technical Assistance Portugal 2020

It is assured technical assistance to local banks and its clients in the course of Community financial aid and the new european incentive systems.